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Can we produce pickled ginger oriental style?

I always wanted to try it.. Skimpy servings in sushi places are not enough..So – today i found Nigel Slater’s outline and i am definitely trying it! With the quantities below i produced a very full 0.5 l jar of … Continue reading

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Ginger and honey loaf

Feeding on Dan Lepard’s cake the version below is adapted to our preferences.Approximate quantities to produce a cake in 20x10x7 cm loaf tin are below.  With a decent cup of tea it will easily feed 12 people, maybe more? 400g … Continue reading

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Stem ginger

Excited by the concept of the ginger cake presented by Dan Lepard of the Guardian i decided to experiment with the ginger his way. My original concept of caramelized ginger is great, but not lasting – you can not rely … Continue reading

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Caramelized Ginger

Ginger pinch of salt sugar I peeled and sliced a large brunch of ginger root. Covered the slices with just enough cold water to cover all pieces. Added a pinch of salt, covered, brought to boil. Let simmer slowly for … Continue reading

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Pears and Ginger – for the cold, dark winter

This is what happens when you have too many pears and not many hungry consumers (finally, the right way to use the term..). I made what some call ‘preserves’, but what i must call “Chunky Pears in Heavy Syrup“.. I … Continue reading

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Pound Cake with Orange, Allspice and Ginger

Unusual, quite sophisticated configuration of textures and flavours.  Took me a while to gather enough courage – the challenge came, as often for me, from the Guardian; i had to understand, interpret, adjust – but Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall’s recommendation is, as … Continue reading

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Stem ginger macaroons

These are the winners! They keep very well, so make a big batch and bag or box them for sweet, elegant gifts. These quantities make about 27 macaroons, but they could still be smaller, hence 30 should be a good … Continue reading

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Ginger Peach Pie

This very simple peach pie involves little cooking. If you prefer to buy a prepared crust, add some grated fresh ginger to the puréed peaches. Serves 4 to 6. Crust: 400ml ginger cookie crumbs 75ml butter, melted Filling: 700-750 ml … Continue reading

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Imbirowy (ginger)

EXCELLENT! 200 g świeżego drobno pokrojonego imbiru (less than a cup of freshly ground ginger root) 300 ml jasnego sosu sojowego (light soya souce) pęczek posiekanej dymki (bunch of green onion, chopped) 2 łyżki oleju sezamowego (sesame oil) Składniki wymieszać … Continue reading

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Leeks With Ginger and Shrimp

Absolutely fantastic. Concept influenced by a recipe provided in some remote past by Mark Bittman from New York Times. Those were the days.. The proportions are unusual, there is almost none of the traditional sauce, and it is actually better … Continue reading

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Ginger (imbir)

Imbir doskonale łączy się z mlekiem kokosowym, kolendrą, czosnkiem, cytryną, sokiem z limonki, gruszką, rabarbarem, sosem sojowym, szczypiorkiem. Ginger sauce goes well with roasted fish.. practically with any roasted stuff  

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Dal with Ginger and Garlic

This is a graceful accompaniment to various, not necessarily Indian, dishes. We started it once upon a time with spinach and eggplant curry, but now we invite this taste quite often on its own or in other, even often crowded … Continue reading

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Glazed Carrots With Orange and Ginger

Yield: 4 servings 500g carrots, trimmed and peeled if necessary, cut into coins or sticks 2 tablespoons butter or extra virgin olive oil Salt and freshly ground black pepper 1 tablespoon minced or grated peeled fresh ginger 80ml freshly squeezed … Continue reading

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