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Puff pastry with squash, shallots and mushrooms

Serves four hungry for lunch, or ten as a snack … This one is a pepper squash implementation: Measurements below are approximate – take them as a guide, not as a precise recipe. My resultant tart measures 25×35 cmm (xxx … Continue reading

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Squash fat-free loaf of fun

Exquisite taste –  lemony, spicy, sweet – it is a definite keeper! A significant size loaf of 23x13x8 cm (9.5x5x3 in).  It may be easier to imagine a 2 litre container of ready-to-bake dough.. this is what you will have … Continue reading

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Roasted butternut squash and red onion with tahini and za’atar

I read this one in the Guardian some time ago and finally decided to try it.  It really is not complicated (provided you have all the exotic sounding ingredients, of course), looks good and provides an interesting gourmand experience. It … Continue reading

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Kabaczek faszerowany wołowiną

Dla szczęściarzy, którzy mają dostęp do kabaczków, potrawa wyśmienita. Dla nas, którzy znają tylko różne kabaczka imiona (marrow?) to tylko marzenie i cudowny smak dzieciństwa – delikatny smak i faktura kabaczka nie daje sie zastąpić żadnym amerykańskim squashem .. ach.. … Continue reading

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