Roasted Portobello Mushrooms

Absolutely exquisite vegetarian meal -illustrated above with dill fingerling potatoes, goes very well with all sorts of friends like pasta, rice, kluski sląskie – sky is the limit.

  • mushrooms – we usually allow two per person for a main course
  • butter

Portobello mushrooms are – surprise! –  regular mature champignon mushrooms (Agaricus bisporus). The preparation is the simplest of all as no preparation or washing is required.  The mushroom are placed gills up and covered liberally with thin slivers of unsalted butter.

Baked at any temperature between 250F and 500F at any position of the oven until they stop shrinking… plus some additional time. Half an hour total is a ballpark time at 350 those bizarre F degrees. If there is some excessive juice visible between the gills some extra top grilling is advised.

Salt and pepper to taste after baking.


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