Lemon Curd Souffle

Initial idea came from Delia on Line, we loved it and adopted it to make it our way..
IMG_2979They say the image is worth a thousand words.. well, this one is not. The photographer will try harder next time. And there will be the next time. and the next, i assure you. This desert is indeed neat!

The trick is you need to find a slot of dedicated time between serving your main course and sitting down to eat it, as the preparation of the desert takes a few lonely minutes in the kitchen with some degree of noise – then you have some 15 minutes to eat your dinner, then ..

But all can be managed, and the result is worth the try!

For 4 individual  soufflés you need

  • 3 large eggs,
  • 50 g and 1 level tsp sugar – it is recommended to use the golden, but i did get away with the regular fine sugar, too,
  • grated zest and juice 1 medium lemon (2 tablespoons juice),
  • lemon curd ,
  • some icing sugar for serving (option),
  • four ramekins with a base diameter of about 6 cm, a top diameter of 7.5 cm, 5 cm deep, lightly buttered, and
  • a small, solid baking sheet in which to place the filled ramkins

When you’re ready to make the soufflés

  1. Drop some lemon curd into each ramkin, roughly 2 heaping tablespoons  per serving.
  2. Separate the eggs, putting the yolks into a medium-sized bowl and the whites into larger one.
  3. Using an electric hand whisk, start on a slow speed, gradually increasing to medium and then high whisk the whites to the stiff-peak stage.
  4. Add the teaspoon of sugar and whisk on a high speed for 30 seconds more.
  5. Add the zest and lemon juice and the remaining 50 g of sugar to the yolks and mix them together briefly.
  6. Take a tablespoon of the whites and fold them into the yolks to loosen the mixture, then fold the rest of the whites in using a light cutting and folding movement so as not to lose the precious air.
  7. Spoon the mixture into the prepared ramekins (over the residing lemon curd), piling it high like a pyramid, then run a finger round the inside rim of each one to create a separating space between the stuff and the ramkin.
  8. Place them on the baking sheet and put this in the oven on the centre shelf for 15-17 minutes or until the tops are golden.
  9. Remove them and let them settle for about 5 minutes to allow the lemon curd to cool.

They will sink a little, but that’s normal. Just before serving, place them on smaller plates and, if desired,  give them a light dusting of icing sugar.



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