Basic processing of Chinese Eggplant

This is a starter configuration – inviting some enhancements. I always had a problem with cooking an eggplant so that it is cooked through but before it turns into a complete mash..Here is a proposed sequence for the Chinese eggplant, a long, skinny, purple creature (sorry, will remember to take a picture the next time). You need

  • some eggplants (my sample had 4 of them)
  • some olive oil – could be garlic-flavoured
  • a piece of fresh ginger – finger length, cut lengthwise in flattish chunks
  • salt, a spoonful of sugar
  • soya sauce
  1. Start with washing and cutting the eggplants. Cut in wedges, much as if you were sharpening a pencil (who the heck remembers doing that?)
  2. Heat the olive oil in a heavy large frying pan
  3. When oil is hot, drop in the pieces of ginger, let them sweat in the oil for a while
  4. When ginger pieces look golden-brown, add the eggplant
  5. Let the pieces slowly warm up. Stir with a flat spatula every few minutes, watch out, do not let it burn. Add a bit of oil, if you think it necessary. The object is to get it soft and almost mushy
  6. At this stage add a splash of soya sauce, a pinch of salt and sugar. Stir, let it bubble for a minute or so. If needed, add a spoonful of water. The net result should not contain any liquid, only soft pieces of eggplant smeared with brownish layer of sauce..
  7. Serve..
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