Wild Garlic Pesto

Good friend left me with a sizable bunch of the unfamiliar greens – apparently the precious instances of the wild garlic.. This is what they look like, when cleaned (washed) and dried on a paper towel:IMG_0438I decided to prepare and experimental edition of the pesto, to be tested as a foundation of a salad dressing to a zucchini salad this afternoon. The picture will be inserted, if we remember to take it..

So – for almost 500 ml of pesto i took

  • 100g of the green leaves (it is quite a bunch)
  • roughly 60 g toasted pine nuts
  • roughly the same 60 g grated Parmesan
  • salt, pepper
  • olive oil
  1. I chopped the leaves with a sharp knife, no fuss, but some 2 cm wide strips
  2. Dropped the leaves, cheese and nuts, salt and pepper into a large food processor, let it run a few second – until all somewhat mixed/chopped.
  3. Then started to pour the olive oil – just to bring all the loose pieces together.
  4. Stopped and tasted – time to adjust the seasoning, if at all..
  5. When ready, i loaded the whole shebang into a 350ml jar – too small, so i left the reasonable part into a small bowl, to be used immediately for the salad dressing. The rest, covered with the loose layer of olive oil, is closed and left in the fridge, to be used soon.IMG_0437







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