Way to enjoy over-ripe pears.. % free..

I was left with an unexpected bunch of very beautiful, yellow pears. I served some with ripe Camembert last night as an after dinner accent -to my horror and disappointment when cut they turned out to be late-in-delivery, brownish centres, obvious demonstration of waiting too long to be eaten..

So – this morning we had a fantastic treat – good enough to be consumed without a chance for picture taking and stuff. Next time!

For 2 people i used

  • 2 beautiful large pears (ripe, yellow Bartlett),
  • 2 heaping spoonfuls of ground hazelnut,
  • 5 heaping spoonfuls of 3% plain yogourt.

I peeled the pears, gently – when ripe they tend to release a lot of juice and and are slippery, difficult to handle. Dropped the halves/quarters into a stand-up blender (most popular with cocktail makers and soup blenders..)

I dropped the hazelnuts and yogourt on them – and started the noisy machine30 seconds later i had a wonderful, thick blend, thin enough to pour into g;asses, or thick enough to eat with a spoon (we ended up drinking first, then cleaning up the rest with spoons, too good to leave and leftovers..).

I will try with different fruit and different nuts. maybe even peanut butter, of i have some left behind – not often, but it does happen, when i am willing to make some for cooking purposes (e.g. for Nam Satay sauce).  So..

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