Prunes roasted with bacon

Excellent fall or winter ore-dinner offering. Easy to make, and quite popular with non-vegetarian crowd (they tend to hang on to stuff like brie with pecans in the autumn, and raw veggies in the spring).  Dates stuffed with almonds implementation is here.

As often the case with my posts, the final picture is missing – i am busy serving stuff, and my camera does not remember). I will try harder next time.

You need

  • some pitted prunes
  • some bacon
  • toothpicks

My experience indicates that it is usually ok to cut the bacon slice into three shorter pieces, each of the three should accommodate one prune.

When you roll them it is helpful to squeeze the prune a bit, to make it slimmer, so that the bacon holds it tightly and the toothpick pin is secure. The toothpick should engage the prune and the bacon.. but then, you know it, don’t you?

Place all rolled pieces on a roasting grid (you want space for the grease to escape, so do not put them directly on a cookie sheet, for example).

Oven  to 200C/400F. About 12-15 minutes.

Wait a minute before you serve them. The are HOT!

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