Shrimp, fast and furious

The picture does not give it justice.. we were very anxious to start eating..This is a shorter version of the familiar, but the technology is slightly changed – for more than 3 people it is difficult to time the delivery correctly.. the frying pan or the available  heat supply are usually not adequate. Here i rely on

  • a large heavy flat pan to accommodate the frying, the sauce, and the final mixture of shrimp in sauce and
  • a fairly large flat steamer, to accommodate all shrimps at once.

So here we are:

  • some shrimp – i would plan no less than 150g per person
  • some green veg – green celery works very well – again, the amounts depend on what you like – i would start with 1 large stick per person and go from there
  • some form of the hot chilly sauce – i usually have the Chinese squeeze bottle in the fridge
  • whipping cream of half-and-half stuff – whatever you diet allows; again, i find roughly 100 ml per person is a good planning guide
  • some oil – a spoonful?
  • some green stuff like chopped parsley, .. to decorate.
  1. If you need to do so, thaw the shrimp and remove the hard parts, unless you prefer to consume the shells etc. – which i know some of us do with the vengeance..
  2. Clean and chop the veg into rather small (but identifiable!) pieces.
  3. Prepare the steamer and the frying pan. I find that spreading a thin layer of oil across the metal steamer leaves helps in later manipulations a lot – prevents the shrimp from sticking to the surface of the steamer.
  4. When all set (water in the steamer getting hot, the frying pan hot) put some oil on the frying pan.
  5. Add veggies, stir fry without burning them.
  6. Add chili sauce – the amount depends on what your diners will bear – but start small, you can always add more..
  7. Stir, let it all mash together.
  8. On a boiling steamer throw the shrimps – make sure they are as evenly spread as possible. Cover.
  9. Add cream to sauce, as much as seems sensible, stir. Maintain simmering temperature.
  10. Stir the shrimp – try to get them evenly pink.
  11. When all pink, throw them into the sauce, make sure it boils, then take off the heat.
  12. Check for spicing – i usually find salt is not at all needed, but you may want to make sure. Put some fresh green leaves on top, for colour.

Serve – possibly mixed with good pasta, or in soup bowls with some decent baguette..


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