Excellent and easy fried steak

Wielokrotnie testowany, zawsze doskonaly – a boneless rib-eye cut an inch and a half thick — with much of its external fat trimmed away to be chopped and used to enrich hamburger meat.

There’s nothing new here, really, except a reminder that moderate heat will cook a beautiful steak with all the sensory appeal of one charred over the fires of hell, and with none of the sensory distress of a house full of grease and smoke — so long as you leave it untouched to brown really well and let it rest for a while after it comes out of the pan.

Here is a picture of the top sirloin steak, prepared in this fashion, with an added pre-cooking rub, somewhat based on one used for a grilled rib-eye steak:IMG_0040The steak should be thick – otherwise you may need to observe your own timings, not to OVERCOOK!

  1. Leave the steak in the fridge overnight, loosely draped in a paper towel
  2. Take it out of the refrigerator an hour before cooking, dry it thoroughly and heavily season it with salt and pepper (or some rub of your choice..)IMG_0038
  3. Set a thick-bottomed skillet (the steak should ‘just fit’ into the frying pan – do not use the very big one) over medium heat and let it get hot, but not wicked hot: for what it’s worth, after less than a minute, its surface temperature had reached about 360 degrees F.
  4. At that point grease it with barely half a teaspoon of clarified butter; oil would be fine, of course — its purpose is to conduct the heat of the pan to the surface of the meat before the steak renders some of its own fat.
  5. A few seconds later put in the steak and leave it untouched — untouched — for four minutes, even lowering the heat a trifle after a while. There is not a wisp of smoke and hardly a spatter of fat.
  6. At that point get rid of most of the fat in the pan and turn the steak, to find a beautifully seared, crusty surface. The steak gets another four minutes on the other side;
  7. Turn it again and give it a further 90 seconds on each side.
  8. Put the meat onto a plate and let it rest for maybe six or seven minutes.
  9. Because a one-pound steak is for sharing, slice it, making sure not to lose any of the juices.
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5 Responses to Excellent and easy fried steak

  1. krzys says:

    How does the steak stay warm after resting 6-7 minutes?
    I will try it and find out…

  2. Krzys says:

    Well so I checked the Supermarché PA but the only really fat steak I saw was also really huge. (I imagine that’s how cavemen ate: not every day, but a tremendous amount at one sitting. They must have been really vulnerable when they were sated, stretched out on the floor of the cave in a stupour.)
    Next step is to try an actual butcher, even, in a pinch, the one at the Supermarché.
    We will keep you posted.

    Meanwhile, software upgrades have been performed successfully in the Wczorajsze.org staging lab, and we will put them in production soon. Users will be advised prior to outage, of course!

    • elzbieta says:

      Yet, those we cooked, as illustrated above, were not outrageous in size (not thin, admittedly), but extremely tasty.. And warm, and ‘sharable’. Where is the problem?

  3. wmdiabel says:

    So, Krzys, how does the Supermarché actual butcher taste?

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