70% Vodka?

approximate proportions of

40% Vodka (Rye)   to  96% Alcohol       Resulting Volume   Resulting %

250 ml                                50 ml                 290 ml                       46%

440 ml                             500 ml                940 ml                        70%

500 ml                              500 ml              1000ml                         68%

250 ml                               500 ml               750 ml                        77,3%

250 ml                                333 ml               583 ml                        72%

400 ml                                 500ml                 900ml                      71%

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2 Responses to 70% Vodka?

  1. krzys says:

    pics or it didn’t happen

  2. elzbieta says:

    not sure what to say..
    i needed 70% vodka to prepare nalewki (e.g.dereniówka:
    aronia, others under way..) and had to find out how to mix vodka with pure alcohol to get the desired proof level..

    no picture can describe the pain it took our resident genius to come up with the formula..Whether dereniówka will prove him right we will find out in a year or so..

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