White eggplant, an example of how any (old?) eggplant can be served..

White eggplant landed in my kitchen by accident – being and ignorant as i am i noticed an unusual product in our grocery store, and encouraged by its bargain price i decided to go wild with it.. The price was low, because it was not popular and lost some of its lustre (green stems no longer green..) but was otherwise clean and firm.IMG_2936

So i read up in multilingual Wikipedias, finally understood why the aubergine (or bakłażan) in North America is called the eggplant and decided to run with the first experimental batch.IMG_2934

This was accomplished with

  • 4 white eggplants
  • some salt (coarse works better for extracting bitter juice out of eggplants and cucumbers)
  • some olive oil for grilling or frying
  • Onion, Capers, and Herbs sauce
  • some paper towels
  1. i peeled the eggplant – white variety is said to have a tougher skin – it worked for me
  2. i sliced it, salted the slices and left for some 45 minutes on a wide plate – let it bring out the juice
  3. i got busy preparing the sauce
  4. when ready to grill or fry the eggplants i spent some tome wiping it off and drying the surfaces with paper towels. It makes sense to remove the surplus of juice and salt.
  5. 5 Hot frying pan or hot grill – some olive oil on the pan or on the eggplant (this dome with a brush) and brown them gently but decisively. You need hot pan ot hot grill otherwise the eggplant soaks the oil unnecessarily instead of browning nicely
  6. place ready made rings on paper towel foe a minute to make sure all excess of oil is left behind
  7. put some sauce on each ring and serve right away..



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