Strawberry tart

Simple, elegant, not terribly difficult – but does require patience. Likely will need some 2 hours to complete, although distributed across the whole day.




For 6 people I used 23 cm tart form with removable bottom.  We had plenty, with some leftovers. In retrospect, I should have used a deep shell form rather than the shallow one, as we had enough dough and glaze, hence the fruit would be covered easier, but..

Any favorite tart shell will do, but I prepared my shell according to Jamie Oliver’s fruit tart recommendation. Somehow decided to go with a slightly sweet shell, as the filling is not very sweet at all.

As you lay out the pastry, make sure there are no holes in the bottom and the wall of the shell, as the glaze must not seep out of the baked shell. You want to blind bake it as long as the rim is pale. Once it is getting brown, take out the blind-bake material (beans, stones.. whatever you use) and finish baking with an open shell. It really needs to be baked well, as there is no more baking afterward. And the pastry is indeed fantastic, but must be baked until almost crunchy.

  • one prebaked tart shell
  • 500 g strawberries (or any other fruit), make sure it is enough to cover the bottom of the tart
  • 15 g gelatine
  • fruit syrup of some sweet substance to make a glaze with. I use home made strawberry syrup, left over from strawberry confiture making at the start of the summer
  1. Let the shell cool down.
  2. Prepare the fruit. My strawberries came whole. Washed and dried delicately I placed them in a circular fashion across the bottom of the shell.
  3. Now comes the patience part: many layers of the glaze, possibly 4 or four, applied in sequence, but with an adequate time delay between them, so that each completed layer has enough time to cool down and solidify before the next one is applied. The final touch could be done with the little paintbrush, to make sure the fruit is glossy and sweet…
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