Roasted potato wedges


These are usually requested to accompany steaks, roasted pork, sometimes a goose.

  • potatoes
  • salt, pepper, herbs/spices of your choice (I am partial to thyme, but..)
  • some grease/fat. Here the opinions are widely different. Naturally, oil is the most popular (including olive oil). I always use lard or goose fat, or duck fat. I save those when roasting the bidr, or processing the fat residue of the pork products..
  1. Peel, dry and slice potatoes. Smaller wedges roast faster, but the large ones will maintain more of the tasteful potato inside the beautiful, brown crispy roasted skin.
  2. Set the oven to 400F/200C.
  3. Place a roasting dish inside the oven, let it warm up.
  4. Now the fat. It must be fluid, and can very well be rather warm (but not burning!)
  5. Now the potatoes (carefully, the pan is hot!).
  6. Now the spices, and good stirring of everything (wooden spatula?), making sure all potatoes are well covered with the grease and spices.
  7. Into the oven foe a good 45-55 minutes. Do check every 15 minutes or so, turn them around (oven mitten, wooden spatula?) to facilitate easier and even roasting.
  8. Test for doneness with the wooden stick or a fork.
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