Madras Chicken Curry które lubimy

Przywiozlam pomysł i Madras Curry Powder z Londynu, milion lat temu. Kiedy proszek się skończył, jak i potrawa poszła w zapomnienie. Ale nie dajemy za wygraną.

· 1 chicken, in pieces (or about 1 kg of pieces) – I often buy the ‘thighs’, even better those without the skin)
· 1 mid-to-large onion, cut in ‘feathers’
· 1 tart apple (Granny Smith works well) chopped into small pieces
· 2 medium carrots or 1 large (chopped into bite slices, similar size as apple)..)
· 2 tbsp of tomato paste (I use the stuff in the tube, easier to apply small quantities and not loose the rest)
· 2 cups of chicken stock
· 1-2 tbsp of madras curry (the quantity here really depends on the curry and on the target audience)
· handful of raisins
· salt, pepper
· some oil to fry stuff in
· large heavy pot
· large frying pan

  1. heat the frying pan, add some oil
  2. in hot oil brown the chicken pieces quickly (just zap the mat outside, do not cook it), collect them in the big heavy pot, keep warmish; it takes a while, as the whole chicken does not fit on the frying pan all at once, you need several takes
  3. when all the chicken done, drop the onion into the pan and slowly get it to ‘golden’ color
  4. add the curry, fry and mash for a while
  5. add tomato paste, mash and cook for a while
  6. add stock, carrots, stir to pick up the stuff stuck to the bottom of the pan
  7. here I usually get the sauce to boil and drop it over the chicken
  8. no longer needed frying pan goes to cool down and be washed sometime later\
  9. the pot gets the heat (medium?)
  10. when the stuff is simmering, I add apples and raisins, some salt and pepper as needed, and let is simmer for a good hour or more
  11. taste and check out the salt&pepper content

I usually cook it the day before, as the kitchen smells unnecessarily strongly while in process. The next day reheat in the oven or on the top, 45-minutes or so, depending on how big pot.

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