Kluski Lane

Used mainly in soups, clear or those like minestrone full of vegetables yet calling for some pasta-like component. They can be enjoyed as morning hot meal with or without  milk.. Easy, but made with care. You can cook lane kluski directly in the clear soup. If your soup is not clear, use water (or milk) only and merge kluski with the soup at the end.

For hearty soup and 5-6 people i use 2 eggs and 4 generous tbsp of flour. For clear soup i would allow the same for 4 people only.

  1. Get the water/soup boiling – if you can, use a flattish, wide pot. Bring it to simmer, consistent, but not wildly boiling.
  2. Beat eggs and flour energetically with an electric blender or really enthusiastically by hand. The object is to create an cream like smooth substance, thick, but runny. Add flour gently, if you think it needs thickening.
  3. Pour smooth runny substance over the simmering liquid (make sure it keeps simmering), trying not to pour one layer directly over another over; it is better to let the first immerse in the boiling liquid before it meets the next one – but, in the end, it is not terribly important and success comes easily after a bit of practice.
  4. When all eggy substance is in the pot, you can stir gently, to make sure there is nothing left stuck to the bottom of the pot.
  5. You should see all little speatlze like creatures now happily boiling on the surface – serve the soup. If you are boiling them in water, strain and add the noodles to the warm soup and serve..
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