Gravy lub sos do pieczonego mięsa

Most often than not i use the juices left in in roasting pan after the roast is out if the oven.

I usually have a kettle boiling by then –

  1. place the roasting pan over the heating element on the stove top
  2. place the target gravy dish in the warm oven (cooling down after you take out the meat)
  3. pour some boiling water, let it simmer and absorb whatever is left in the pan – it helps to scrape the pan bottom with a wooden spatula or spoon
  4. some will attempt to ‘thicken’ the gravy here, bu adding and energetically dissolving a spoon or two of flour, but it is not necessary
  5. let the liquid reduce, think of taste shades possible:
    • basic spices like salt, pepper,
    • some fruity shade (currant jelly, raspberry or lingonberry confiture, apples, )
    • herbal shade (mint, thyme…)
    • creamy (whipping cream or butter)
    • gentle but definite alcoholic flavour (vermouth, dry white or red, cognac..)
    • any tempting combination of the above
  6. check the taste and the texture, pour into a hot gravy boat..

Most of the time i serve the gravy separately, but in some cases like leg of lamb, or my mom’s pork roast, the gravy travels in the same dish with sliced meat.

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