Very tasty, delicate, but undeniably rich cookies..
The set below will make a few (4?) dozen. I would plan for two separate baking sheets – they do run to each other while baking, and need much space to expand.
Also, they are fairly fragile when baked, until they cool off. Do not touch them until they are ready, if at all possibile!

•    250g butter
•    150g icing sugar
•    2 packages vanilla sugar
•    1 dash salt
•    150g flour
•    200g corn starch (or potato starch, if you prefer)

1.    Beat the butter with sifted sugar until smooth
2.    Add vanilla sugar, salt, flour, starch
3.    Knead until completely combined
4.    Set the oven to 175° C (350F)
5.    Cover the baking sheet with some parchment paper
6.    On a rolling board or a large cutting board form rolls the thickness of your thumb
7.    Cut each roll into ½ cm disks, form little balls and put them on the baking sheet
8.    Press down with a fork on top of it to make a famous ‘parallel’ pattern
9.    Bake  in the hot oven for ca. 15min.

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