We usually make a double set, these are popular and can fit on a large flat stainless steel sheet.
•    80g flour
•    125g butter
•    63g sugar
•    1 egg yolk
•    ½ vanilla bean
•    a dash of salt

Generous portion of  the topping ( i always have some almonds/sugar mixture left, great for other sweet applications) :
•    Egg white
•    50g coarsely grated almonds
•    50g coarse sugar (I sometimes use regular, also ok)
•    ½ almond per cookie, so have some halves handy

1.    Mix dough and knead. The result is quite dense, but sticky (not like your regular cake dough)
2.    Beat the egg white on a plate somewhat, to break the firm consistency
3.    Mix coarse sugar with the grated almonds, place the mixture on a flattish plate
4.    On a rolling board (or a large cutting board) form rolls of dough, not bigger than about 3cm diameter
5.    One by one coat each roll in egg white and roll it in the mixture of sugar and grated almonds
6.    Place dressed rolls on a flat plate (I do it on a smaller cutting board) and put them for 20min into the fridge
7.    Set the oven to 200° C (400F)
8.    Put some parchment paper on your baking sheet
9.    Cut the rolls into ½ cm disks and put them on baking sheet
10.    Press ½ almond on top of each disk
11.    Bake for ca. 15min.

Here I show you a result of the oven malfunction.  It delivered somewhat changed cookie format, yet the taste met the highest possible standard. Just had to take them out of the oven, let cool completely, and separate with a cookie cutter or a knife..


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