Fruit filling – Farsz z owoców

Very simple – some fruit, some sugar.  You will adopt the shape and quantities to a specific fruit. For example, in case of prunes and plums you may handle only one half of each fruit within one pieróg, in case on blueberries you may use a spoonful..

  • Sliwki, albo truskawki, albo jagody, albo wisnie…(plums, or prunes, or strawberries, or blueberries, or cherries..)
  • Szczypta cukru (niekoniecznie) – optional , some sugar

Także – to serve with:

  • Sour cream lub whipping cream
  • sugar
  1. Rinse the fruit and pit them as appropriate
  2. Place the fruit in appropriate amount in the centre of the dough, seal
  3. Boil and serve cold or hot, with sour cream, or with whipping cream, or with butter and sugar.


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