Beef Tongue

Average size beef tongue (around 1.5 Kg, over 3 lb) will feed 4-6 people..  I strongly recommend using the pressure cooker to process the meat, as the resulting taste and texture of the meat are far superior, and you save time and energy.  If cooked in the traditional pot, multiply boiling times as required (start with multiplying by two).

Sample served with horseradish sauce

After the initial cooking of the meat it can be sliced and served with saffron and capers, with grey sweet sauce, or with the horseradish sauce (see individual recipes). It is traditionally served in thin (about 1 cm) slices, with mashed potatoes, with peczak (pot barley cooked rice-style), or with kopytka.

  • 1 beef tongue,
  • stock vegetables (carrot, parsnip, piece of root celery, leak, onion),
  • some salt and few whole pepper seeds.

Pressure Cooker method.

  1. clean the meat under running water
  2.  place it in the cooker and cover with hot water
  3. close and bring to boil, let the pressure cooker boil it for about 40-45 minutes
  4. cool (15 min)
  5. open, throw in the vegetables, salt, pepper; cover the pot again
  6. cook for about 15 min (from the boil point)
  7. cool (15 min)
  8. take out the meat – it should be still firm, but the skin should be easy to peel off.
  9. take the skin off carefully
  10. slice the meat into 1 cm thick pieces, arrange in a flat pot or oven proof dish
  11. cover with the stock (use the strainer to pour the clear stock only). Reserve the remaining stock for use in sauce or soup. Reserve cooked vegetables for use in veg salad or serve as garnish with meat.
  12. reheat and serve the meat immersed in hot broth, or take it out and serve with favourite sauce,  or cool and store in broth until ready to reheat.
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  1. wmdiabel says:

    Point # 10 – a typo: should be “oven proof dish” and not “over proof”

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