Almond rounds


  • 200 g raw almonds
  • 4 tsp barley (or rice) malt – in dire straights one can substitute with  natural honey

These quantities made for me 26 little round balls (as seen above)

  1. Grind dry almonds to a powder (as fine as it is possible) – coffee grinder woks well, if you do not have a dedicated nuts/herbs grinder handy.
  2. Place the powder in a bowl, add malt and mash thoroughly. It requires some time and some brave muscle power, but is quite achievable.
  3. Gooey paste can now be placed on the table – i would always place some parchment or wax paper on the table surface, to shield it from the sticky substance.
  4. Gently moving the substance in your hands (as you would any old dough) get it to the point when it is consistently sticky, almost shiny on the surface.
  5. Form a roll – size of choice.  Mine is roughly about 4 cm in diameter.IMG_0396
  6. With a sharp and clean knife slice even rounds – say about 1 cm wide.IMG_0397
  7. Each slice will become a ball, by rolling it in tightly held palms of your  hands.
  8. Place all bowls on a flat plate, store them in a fridge for about one hour or so.
  9. Serve – with coffee, with cognac, with beer.. Sky is the limit.

Those left over (if ever) keep well in a tightly closed box in the fridge.

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