Małgosia’s Poppy Seed Loaf

This is an equivalent of Makuch Malgosi – should really look and taste the same..The concept involves equal measures (in volume) of

  • flour
  • poppy seed
  • sugar
  • melted butter
  • egg whites
  • dried candied fruit (include orange peel)

Also, you will want to insert a small portion of

  • baking powder
  • vanilla sugar

In my kitchen the quantities I use are governed to a high degree by the amount of egg whites I manage to collect over a sensibly short period. The loaf on the picture was baked with basically 250 ml of everything (a full cup and a bit), plus a flat tsp of baking powder and a bit of vanilla sugar. The loaf pan you see takes about 1.5 l (or a bit more than 6 cups) in capacity.

So, what to do? Simple:

  1. Preheat the oven (450F, 220C?)
  2. beat the egg whites
  1. mix remaining ingredients (the result may become  quite thick)
  1. add egg whites
  1. lay out the banking dish with foil (or parchment paper) – do allow for some raising of the dough, let it have room – unless, like me, you are not a great fan of baking powder, then the raising is limited..)
  2. pour the mix into it
  3. bake at least 1 hour (check with a wooden stick)

Let it cool completely before attempting to taste. Store in cool place, tightly covered.

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