Frozen mango desert

Facing the unplanned and oversupply of fresh, ripe mango i chose to experiment with the ice cream solution, loosely based on our well tested lemon curd desert. To go there I used four ripe fruit out of the nine we stared with; – two more went into the curry dinner, one was already served as fresh desert – two still waiting to go, when the creative muse will strike..

The picture? I promise, will do, as soon as the opportunity to taste it arrives.

So, to produce a loaf of about 2.5 l of gourmet ice cream i took:

  • 4 ripe, sizeable mangoes (964 g when peeled and sliced)IMG_3685
  • 2 tablespoons of butter
  • 3 tablespoons of brown sugar
  • 115 g home made meringues (should have had more, but..)
  • 150 g digestive biscuits
  • 500 ml whipping cream
  1. Placed a wide, low, heavy-bottom pot on a burner and melted the butter.
  2. Dropped the brown sugar into the pot, stirred around to make sure the sugat and butter are well combined and the surface of the pot is evenly covered.
  3. Dropped sliced mango into the pot, turned the heat to medium, and left it uncovered for a good 30 minutes. Stirred occasionally.IMG_3687
  4. When all pieces appeared somewhat cooked through, took it off the heat, into the blender. When blended, i had 750 ml of thick smooth paste. IMG_3689Left it for some 2 hours, to completely cool down.
  5. Lined up the rectangular loaf baking pan (bottom size 6×32 cm) with aluminum foil, left some foil dangling on the outside.
  6. In a large bowl i collected my meringues and the biscuits. I smashed them with w wooden mace.
  7. Whipped the whipping cream to relatively stiff level.
  8. Gently introduced the mango puree to the dry ingredients. Mixed carefully, but fairly thoroughly.
  9. Introduced the whipped cream, folded gently.
  10. Poured the whole mixture into the loaf pan, tightly closed the foil and dropped it into the deep freeze.

Wish me luck!

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