Steamed fennel, oranges and greens

Ewa served the real prototype – i was very intrigued,  and decided to play with my own implementation.

Very simple, very open for interpretation. I should think other fruit could easily stand in for oranges – as fennel green could replace parsley..  Ewa blanched rather than steam – just as well. Tasty – never had a chance to take a picture.

  •  fresh fennel head
  • an orange or two
  • flat leaf parsley (option)
  • dressing of choice (i used a bit of mayo, yogourt, lemon juice, salt, pepper)
  1. clean and slice fennel, keep the greens for garnish later
  2. steam fennel slices till wilted – do not over cook
  3. set aside, let them cool down
  4. peel and slice oranges into compatible chunks
  5. chop parsley, if using
  6. mix everything, decorate and serve
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