Shrimps z cykorią po francusku

Danie nie dla dietetyków, bo polega na znacznej ilości masła. Bardzo szybkie, bardzo dobre, lepiej brzmi z kluseczkami, ale można tez z ryżem.IMG_3562

Balans smakowy zależy od równowagi jarzyn i krewetek, wiec podaje ilości przybliżone, które ja wypróbowałam, ale które pewno zmienię w biegu zależnie od tego, co się w lodówce znajdzie.

  • Some butter (i use ghee, as it takes to frying much better than the regular one, but it may not be a crucial distinction)
  • Raw peeled shrimps (for each person i allow about 10 large ones, but you may use less)
  • Some Belgian endive (i would take about 1 medium size endive per person)
  • Some red onion (used one large for 4 people last time, was ok)
  • Cooking apple (one large for 4 people was ok too)
  • Some pernod (how much? Start with 125 ml cup for 4, adjust as you go); in despair i have been seen using absinth instead, with a splash of hot water)
  • Chopped green part of the fennel head (part which looks much like dill), for garnish at the finale
  1. Slice endive lengthwise, into eights (half, half, half again).
  2. Slice onion into round rings.
  3. Peel an apple and slice into the eights or better (i do half, half, take the core out, then slice each piece into the elongated three parts.?).
  4. On medium heat melt butter in a large frying pan or a flat heavy bottom pot.
  5. Raise heat to high.
  6. Throw in the onion, fry 30 seconds mixing (lift off the pan, drop back, to cover with butter and to soften them) with a pair of large spatulas all the time.
  7.  Throw in the shrimp, continue mixing for as long as it takes to make them red and opaque, NOT LONG, maybe a minute.
  8. Throw everything out into a warm receptacle (the butter may stay in the pan), set aside.
  9. Return the pantto a hot burner, if need be, add butter, endive and apple, heat them up, mixing over the heat, fro a minute or two, until softened and hot.
  10. Return the shrimps etc into the pan.
  11. Add the pernod, mix all for some 30 seconds.
  12. Take of the heat.

SERVE in the same pot or on a serving dish, sprinkled with fennel..

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