Roasted peppers

Roast and prepare the pepper pods:

Roast them

Set oven to 350F. Place peppers on a cookie sheet, leave in the oven for about 1 hour. Turn occasionally to let them ‘brown’ evenly (it is better to avoid excessive browning)


Cut the pods into two-threes, seed and clean them, lay flat on the baking sheet. Set oven to ‘grill’ and grill them, turning occasionally, until ready

They are ready when the ‘skin’ separates from the ‘body’, it can look black-burned.

Let them sweat in a closed vessel

When peppers are roasted, take them out into a big bowl and cover with the foil; let them sit. Resting period makes them sweat and easier to peel the skin off.

 Peel them

I set a strainer through which the juice with flow into a container. The juice can be drunk or used in soups and sauces. Over the strainer I place wooden board, on which to work with the peppers..

Take a small, sharp knife with which I cut each pepper in two-three segments, and isolate the skin (well roasted should be easy, if messy) and seeds, leaving the ‘meat’ on a strainer or somewhere clean.


I use very a simple layering method

  • Some chopped garlic
  • Oil (olive oil does not take well to cold storage, so I settle for Mazola, but this is all open to interpretation)
  • slices of roasted pepper
  • Oregano
  • Salt
  • Black pepper, freshly ground
  • Some chopped garlic…

Just make sure the whole thing is covered with oil, and that there are no air pockets in the jar..Avoid  packing the jar too tightly – the experience shows it the peppers live longer when we store them store in jars with some room to maneuver than in fewer fully packed (oil must freely access all pepper surfaces).  Serve mixed as a salad in a salad dish or as a  condiment right away or store the jars in the fridge.IMG_0318



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