Polewa Czekoladowa Wojtka

Let the object to be covered with chocolate extraordinaire cool down before decorating!!

These below will produce a solid liter of sweetness. Use the amounts in scale to your needs. Be aware that the process of solidifying may take up to 24 hours in the cool (fridge?) environment.

  • 8oog bitter real chocolate top quality (Baker’s  Chocolate) (CALLEBOUT, Finest Belgian)
  • 400 g ghee (or clarified butter) [300 g for harder, crunchy layer]
  • 1 cup/250 ml Whipping cream (an option only, for a  thin layer effect)
  1. Microwave the chocolate and butter on DUTY CYCLE 20% (can not exceed 60C).
  2. Stir constantly, do not stop; if needed, add a splash of whipping cream and stir again..
  3. When consistency (or 59C)  is reached, whichever comes first, use immediately.


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