Dates and almonds rolled in smoked bacon

Close relative to prunes in bacon; same premise, variety challenged by the whole almond replacing the pit, previously removed from the date..

  • pitted dates
  • whole almonds (one per each date)
  • some smoked bacon – you will allow for one slice per two dates..
  1. cut bacon bacon slice into two somewhat even pieces
  2. place an almond inside a date (they usually have an opening left after the removal of the pit)
  3. roll bacon around the stuffed object and pin it carefully with a tooth pick
  4. place the roll on a baking sheet
  5. repeat till all material has been used
  6. set the oven to 400F/20oC
  7. when oven ready, roast the dates for about 10-12 minutes, until the bacon renders some of its fat and is visibly golden brown.
  8. place the hot rolls on a serving platter and let them sit 10 minutes to cool of, so that the hungry crowd does not suffer burns…


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