Cooking Polenta

IMG_2899[1]My latest position on the subject:


  • 1 measure of corn meal (a cup, a glass, a spoon, any specific measure of choice)
  • 3 measures of water
  • a bit of butter (option)
  • a bit of salt (optional, but recommended)
  • favourite spices (optional)
  1. Take a tall heavy pot, good enough to house 4 measures and still having much space for bubbles and steam.
  2. Pour the water into it, fire up the heat.
  3. On boiling, salted water pour the corn meal slowly, stirring constantly with a wooden spoon.
  4. Lower down the heat, but keep it high enough to simmer and bubble. Stir often and thoroughly
  5. When the meal appears thick and no longer sticks to the sides of the pot, consider adding spices (herbs, cheese, bacon ..), cook to dissolve what needs to be dissolved, and take the pot off the heat .
  6. Pour the thick stuff onto a shallow dish , level out with the cold, wet knife, and leave to cool down completely.
  7. When quite cool, it may be covered tightly and held in the fridge for a few days.
  8. Usually it is then sliced and grilled on the bbq or on the ribbed frying pan..IMG_0062


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